Most People Are Happy With The Management Position – But Those Who Succeed Grow From Being A Manager Into A Highly Effective Leader


Dear Friend,


If you’re like most managers, then you’re probably happy with the position you are in, and you don't need any leadership development training. If you think like that you will be unaware that gaining the management position is only the beginning, not the end.


Achieving the position of manager definitely is a good achievement. It one of the things on your career bucket list ticked off.


But there’s one huge, looming problem…


Now that you are a manager, you are not at the top of the leadership ladder. In fact you are at the bottom. You can only reach the top of the leadership ladder and become a highly effective leader when you start climbing.


You know what I’m talking, about right?

The leadership journey only begins when you start to develop your leadership ability. When managers hear this, it frustrates them as they thought they had become a leader by achieving the position. NO!

As a manager, your priority is not the job or achieving great results. Your priority is the people who are within your charge. How are you influencing them to do a great job and achieve great results?


Reading or hearing this is enough to make you want to give up before you've really started.


But hold up – it doesn’t have to be that way…


Instead of behaving like most managers, imagine if you were able to grow from being a manager into a highly effective leader.  Would that interest you?


Here’s your answer: The Book MANAGER TO LEADER written by Tom Lawrence.

Here Are Three Good Reasons Why The Book "Manager To Leader" Is The Best Way To Grow Into A Highly Effective Leader

Reason 1: Management vs. Leadership

Manager To Leader helps you understand the difference between management and leadership.


Reason 2: This is the best resource to teach you how to lead by example.


When leading by example, we are also building relationships, building trust and increasing our influence. Without these three things it is impossible to lead people.


Reason 3: People don't realise that leadership is a role of service.


It is the leader's job to serve their people and show their people that they care for them. It is not for the people to serve their leader.


You can see there are a whole lot of benefits to growing from a manager into a highly effective leader.  And that’s why you’re going to want to get hold of the book: MANAGER TO LEADER…

Introducing "Manager To Leader" - The Surefire Way to Grow From Being a Manager Into A Highly Effective Leader Without Paying For Pointless Training!

This book shows you how to stop managing people, and start leading and influencing people!


Here’s what you will learn when you order now:


·       You’ll find out how to grow beyond your position of manager.

·       You’ll discover how to inspire your team to follow you because they want to.

·       You’ll learn the difference between confidence and arrogance.

·       You’ll get a complete understanding of how to build trust and why it is important.

·       Don’t know how to be a role model? No problem – you’ll find out how.

·       You’ll get a complete set of tips on how far you can take your leadership journey.

·       You’ll find out the best way to treat your team, and develop them to be their best.

·       You’ll discover a surprising way to develop your followers into leaders.

·       You’ll find out the top mistakes most managers make.


So, you’re liking what you see. You know this book will help you grow from being a manager into a highly effective leader.  But you have a question – how much is it?


Let me ask you a question…

Would You Trade Being A Highly Effective Leader for The Cost of a Pizza?

I’m not kidding. If you order now, you can get everything you see on this page for about the cost of a medium pizza – just £9.99 on Amazon.


Tom is the author of "Manager To Leader", "A Limitless Mindset" and "Influence is Leadership".

Tom's Mantra - Lead, Grow, Influence

Tom's Why - To develop leaders and aspiring leaders into highly effective leaders, so that they can develop leaders and aspiring leaders into highly effective leaders.

Tom's Vision/Just Cause - He can see a world in which our leaders create environments that focusses on people and helps them to learn to lead, grow and increase their influence for the good of us.

Tom has vowed to make it his life's work to help you become successful.

He will help you to become the leader your people need you to be. To help you become the leader the world craves you to be. To help you become the leader YOU WANT TO BE.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from a Highly Effective Leader like Tom Lawrence.