Empowering engineering managers with the tools to influence their engineers in improving their productivity, and producing their best results for the team.

Your role as an engineering manager is about your engineers, but it starts with YOU:

Join an inspirational engineering manager coaching programme for 8 coaching sessions.

Learn how to work on yourself to grow from an engineering manager into a highly effective engineering leader.

Belong to a coaching group that is empowering, inspiring and will change how you lead.

Transform yourself into a highly effective engineering leader, create the life you want and influence your engineers to follow you.


You're in the role

You're confident

You're inspirational

Are the following familiar struggles?


You don't know how to lead your engineers, therefore you don't know how to increase your influence with your engineers. Without influence it is impossible to inspire.


You find it difficult to build trust with your engineers. You feel that without trust, you and your engineers can't produce the results expected of you. Life is tough and without trust it is impossible to lead.


You are struggling to make the right decisions for yourself, your engineers and your engineering organisation. You don't know who to involve in your decision making because you are confused.


You don't have a vision for your engineers and team because you don't understand the desired outcome. You can't share with your engineers what you don't have and what you can't see. Vision is very important.


Your engineers don't feel heard and they don't feel cared for because you aren't listening to them. You are unable to listen to understand them and instead you are listening to reply, so your engineers don't feel heard.


You and your engineering organisation focus on competency development instead of character development. To increase your influence you must develop your character, and help your engineers to do the same.


What you will receive when you join the powerful and inspirational Engineering Manager Coaching Programme with Tom Lawrence:

LIVE Calls - Whether you join one to one or you are part of a group coaching, you will receive a live call for 8 sessions with Tom over a 12 week period.

BONUS Online Video Lessons Following Each Session - Following each weekly session, Tom Lawrence will send you a follow up video lesson on the topic explored in your live session to help you in your study and practice of what you learn.

Customised Coaching Dashboard - To track your progress each session and for you to stay accountable.

Tom has worked as an engineering manager all over the UK, and has the experience & coaching skills to help you grow as an engineering manager into a highly effective engineering leader.

He will help you to become the highly effective engineering leader your engineers need you to be. To help you become the highly effective engineering leader the world craves you to be. To help you become the highly effective engineering leader YOU WANT TO BE.

Don't miss the opportunity to work with Tom Lawrence and let him help you to develop into a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ENGINEERING LEADER.

Tom's promise to you

In 12 weeks you will:

Remove bad engineering management habits.

Invest in yourself and your leadership for 3 months.

See your team of engineers and engineering organisation differently.

Find a new and better way of leading your engineers.

Build trust with your engineers so you can increase your positive influence.

Gain clarity on your vision for your engineers, and what your goals are.

Grow your self awareness and become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Believe in yourself in a way you never imagined.

What To Expect With Engineering Manager Coaching


The term "Engineering Management" is basically another word for Leadership. Leadership is a lot more than having the position of Engineering Manager. Being responsible for your engineers is very difficult, but also very rewarding.


Learning to believe in yourself as engineering manager to give your power away to your engineers. With your power your engineers can implement their own ideas and solutions a lot better than they can now.


Are you where you want to be as an engineering manager? How far do you want to climb the leadership ladder? This coaching programme will help you answer these and many more questions you have about your future.


Learning to understand if you have the right engineers on your team, and how to build trust with them. Without having the trust of your engineers, it is impossible to lead and influence them.


As an engineering manager, you cannot grow by accident. You can only grow on purpose, so you must work on yourself every day with a purpose. This coaching programme will help you to find your true purpose in life.


How committed are you to becoming a highly effective engineering leader? It is not easy and will take you out of your comfort zone. But, if you want to show your engineers how much you care then you must commit to leading them by example.

"Tom Lawrence is someone you need to know. His unprecedented and remarkable book, “Influence is Leadership” is a light of understanding and insight spanning timeless principles of excellence."

- Joseph Polanin (Award Winning CEO & Combat Veteran)

"People say change is hard. It is, but it’s so much more achievable when you have Tom Lawrence as your mentor to guide you through the process."

- Brittany Baldwin (Sales Coach & Author)

"To say Tom is a leadership expert would be too simple; his character and sincerity make him a people’s champion. Tom is the personification of an example that many will follow."

- Nico James (Sales Leader)


An experienced engineering manager's coach and engineering manager in your corner, and helping you through your ups and downs as an engineering manager.

Whether one-to-one or group coaching is what you are looking for, you will gain access to other engineering managers who are either in the same position as you or can also help you in bring your vision to life.

Whether you're in a new position or an experienced engineering manager, Tom Lawrence's engineering manager coaching programme will help you become the highly effective engineering leader you always wish you had.

You will receive the benefit of working on YOU for 12 weeks, and beyond if you wish to do so.

Custom engineering manager's coaching dashboard with benchmarking, tracking and processing tools to witness the leadership shifts taking place in you and your engineers before your eyes.

An accountability partner to sync up with to share your wins, insights and learnings.

You will receive as a BONUS, a 20 - 30 minute recorded online video lesson specifically for the topic you discuss each week. That's 8 recorded online video lessons JUST FOR YOU!

Meet Tom Lawrence Your Coach

Tom is the Founder of

Tom has been in the engineering industry since he started his engineering apprenticeship in 1999.

Tom has been an Engineering Management Mentor & Coach since 2015.

Tom took his first Engineering Management position in 2009.

Tom has authored a book on leadership, personal growth and influence every year since 2021, with more to come.

Tom will send you as a BONUS, a recorded online video lesson each week following your coaching session.

Engineering Manager Coaching is NOT for you if..

You are not ready to spend time on you

Joining this coaching programme will require that you spend at least one hour on you each session for live, connection calls with Tom Lawrence, coaching opportunities and online recorded lessons.

You are looking to become a mentor or coach

Engineering Manager Coaching is to help you become a highly effective engineering leader so you can be there for your engineers and team. Tom Lawrence is not available to help you in starting your own coaching or mentorship business.

Getting Into The Details


£400 per 4 week cycle for 12 weeks. There are No Refunds. Due to the nature of the Coaching Programme you cannot receive a refund regardless if you attend or not. All payments are due to be paid in full regardless of participation in the coaching.


Each one to one coaching session will last one hour between you and Tom Lawrence. The date and time will be decided between you and Tom Lawrence, and can be changed from time to time if needed.


Each group coaching session will last one hour between you, seven other members and Tom Lawrence. The date and time will be decided between the group and Tom Lawrence, and can be changed from time to time if needed.