Thinking Like A Highly Effective Leader Doesn't Have To Be Difficult - If You Learn How To Grow A Limitless Mindseta


Dear Friend,


Tom Lawrence is someone a lot like you…


Tom started his career as an apprentice engineer in Liverpool, in 1999 when he was 16 years old. He worked his way through his apprenticeship, eventually getting made redundant from his first job. Tom then went on to grow his career in the rail industry within the UK and moved into leadership positions.


And like you, at first he struggled with leading his teams.


Maybe you can relate…


Tom tried to get his teams do what he wanted by telling them what to do and how to do it.  This is how most engineering managers try to lead their teams, and Tom didn't know any different. He even took some leadership development courses, but yet he couldn't get his team to do what he wanted them to do.


But then Tom made a marvelous discovery that changed everything…


On a whim, he decided to take his leadership development into his own hands and change his mindset. And what happened next was absolutely astounding…


His team and other teams started to follow him because they wanted to. They saw Tom as their leader, even if he wasn't their line manager.


Tom was cautious at first, thinking it was all a fluke. But the results were changing and so too was the culture. And even better, the results kept improving and the morale of the team kept improving.


Fast forward 8 years since 2015, and Tom was able to do the same with new teams. Finally, Tom was growing highly effective leadership cultures that had eluded him for so long!


So, what was this marvelous discovery that helped Tom develop these great cultures?


Simple: Tom started to think in the same way as a highly effective leader thinks, and he has now shared in his book: A LIMITLESS MINDSET.


Now before you think Tom's great results are a fluke, I can assure you they’re not.  Take a look…

Introducing "A Limitless Mindset" - This Book is Designed to Help You Think Like a Highly Effective Leader. You Will Understand How To Grow A Highly Effective Leadership Culture!

 Here’s what you will learn when you order now:


·       You’ll find out how to grow a highly effective leadership culture.

·       You’ll discover the differences between influence and dictatorship.

·       You’ll learn how to develop and improve yourself every day.

·       You’ll get a complete understanding of respect and why it is so important.

·       You'll find out why communication is not enough for a highly effective leader.

·       You’ll learn how to inspire your team to buy-in to your vision and future changes.

·       You’ll understand that this a team effort and not the effort of any individual.

·       You’ll discover how to lead your team through problem solving.

·       You’ll find out who the leaders are within your team and how you can develop them.


So, you’re liking what you see. You know this book will help you grow the mindset of a highly effective leader.  But you have a question:


How much is it?

This is the part of the letter that’s going to have you grinning from ear to ear. That’s because if you order now, you see on this page for just £9.99 on Amazon.


Tom is the author of "Manager To Leader", "A Limitless Mindset" and "Influence is Leadership".

Tom's Mantra - Lead, Grow, Influence

Tom's Why - To develop leaders and aspiring leaders into highly effective leaders, so that they can develop leaders and aspiring leaders into highly effective leaders.

Tom's Vision/Just Cause - He can see a world in which our leaders create environments that focusses on people and helps them to learn to lead, grow and increase their influence for the good of us.

Tom has vowed to make it his life's work to help you become successful.

He will help you to become the leader your people need you to be. To help you become the leader the world craves you to be. To help you become the leader YOU WANT TO BE.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from a Highly Effective Leader like Tom Lawrence.